My Back-to-School Must-Haves

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Even though I am officially graduated from college, I can’t help but jump on the “back-to-school” bandwagon. There are so many fashion and style opportunities that come with going back to school that an adult doesn’t quite get. Like you … Continue reading

Delta Zeta Founders Day, Sorority Look For Fall

Look up sorority on Tumblr and you will have miles and miles of posts, crafts on crafts on crafts, meeting attire and fashion, the sorority pose pictures and group smiling shots are endless. Today, is Delta Zeta’s founders day. Our sorority was founded 110 years ago! It’s amazing how the legacy of six women can extend so far into other women’s lives.

Delta Zeta, Gamma Omicron sorority badge

To celebrate Delta Zeta’s founders day I decided to wear meeting attire and dress professionally for to wear my badge on campus.

Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day

My outfit of the day is this full orange and cream polka dot skirt from Forever 21, on sale for $7.99. My top is from Charlotte Russe, you have probably see it before as I wore it all the time over the summer and while I was in Singapore. The black blazer is a staple from Nordstrom Rack at $20 for a DKNY blazer, I couldn’t resist.  The flats are from Mitju, which I got about a year ago in Singapore. Finally, my black belt is from Banana Republic.

Founders day Outfit of the Day

Happy Founders Day Delta Zeta, Cheers to 110 years of enrichment.

5 Things I Have Learned About Fashion at San Diego State University.

Coming from Seattle, I always have felt like a little bit of an outsider here.  Cold weather, clouds, concrete, grey sand, green oceans, and the only skin you see is during the summer when people are at the beach; Seattle could not be any more different from San Diego.  I kind of like not having a permanent residence anywhere, when San Diegans ask me where I am from, I am always proud to say that I am from Seattle.  Yet when I am in Seattle, I get gratification out of telling people I live in San Diego. Regardless of where I am now or where I have come from, my two years here have taught me a few things about fashion at SDSU.

5 things I have learned about fashion at SDSU

5 things I have learned about Fashion at SDSU:

1. If there are clouds, you wear boots and a peacoat like it is winter. This morning I woke up and there were clouds and a hint of drizzle.  Even though it was warm, and it is still warm; women on campus are bundled up in knee-high boots, black pea coats and oversized sweaters.  I get that it is good to be prepared for the weather, and based on the sky there is a good sign that rain is a possibility, but in San Diego the clouds can still mean hot muggy weather. But I guess if you are from San Diego hot+muggy+cloudy=winter attire.

Kind of miss the winter look

2.No bra, no problem. No women here don’t actually go around with just a shirt over their chest.  I am referring to bandeau tops.  I am not sure if it is because the majority of women that attend this University just have small boobs that don’t need lift and support or they just hate bras, but bandeaus have taken place of a standard bra.  Girls wear them with every flowy tank top they can find and under everything sheer and lace. I used to think the women just wore strapless bras under them, but after talking to some girls…I have concluded that bandeaus are used to replace bras…. This is not an option for a chest like mine.

No Bra, No problem. San Diegans love their bandeaus

**Tip, if you want to have the bandeau look but your boobs don’t agree, put that bandeau over your strapless bra.**
3.Flowers make the best hair accessory. I love this trend here, a lot of the women wear real flowers in their hair.  They are usually paired with soft waves and only make an appearance during beautiful sunny days.

A flower behind your ear says friendly and approachable

4.Carry Tory Burch and you will be set for life. Tory Burch is the “it” designer on campus.  Every sorority woman and their peers either carries a Tory Burch canvas tote or wears Tory Burch sandals.  I admire their accessories, it pretty much is a daily reminder that I am a broke college student and can only fantasize about my ideal wardrobe by going on Pinterest.
5.Go natural, don’t cake it on. For some reason, before I moved here, I believed that women in California wore tons of makeup to get that fake tan look.  But truth is, women in Seattle cake on too much make up.  If you come to SDSU, invest in makeup that makes you look natural. I don’t know any women that wear fake eyelashes every day to class or cake on bronzer.  Natural is better.
If you happened to stumble across my blog because you are coming to SDSU soon, I hope this post helped.