Must Have Travel Accessory

Since I have been back home in Seattle I have been using this wimpy gimpy digital camera.  The battery runs out fast and the flash turns everything white… I am not a fan.  It makes me miss my Canon DSLR I left in San Diego.  Part of the reason I didn’t bring it with me was because I don’t have a bag for it so I would have to rely on the cushion of my clothes in my luggage to protect it. And we all know what happens to luggage that get checked in..

Just imagine that oaf chucking your luggage into this pile like it were a an empty soda can

I need to invest some money into a proper, yet cute, camera bag so I can take my camera with me on my excursions this year.  I can’t rely on a wimpy gimpy digital camera to capture the awesomeness of Sicily, South Korea, Singapore and Japan.  I think it takes something a little more reliable then a Lumix digital camera.

I found this Camera bag on Ebay for just $22.  It ships from Hong Kong and it is so cute, I can imagine myself running around the streets of Sicily capturing all the wonderful people, eating gelato, shopping and speaking Italian.  Because it looks like a regular bag, it won’t be a red flag for pick-pocketers to target me as a tourist.