I’m engaged!

It has been such a crazy month. From moving to a new city, and the boyfriend graduating from college, our family was in town and I was in for a big surprise. My boyfriend and I had been together for … Continue reading

Fun in the Sun! What’s in my Beach Bag?

Living in San Diego has been such a difference from growing up in gloomy ol’ Seattle. The constant exposure to sun and not-so-sudden urge to always be at the beach has made me re-evaluate and change how I protect my skin from harmful UV rays. It’s all fun and games until someone has a melanoma scare..

Today, I want to show you what is in my beach bag. Starting with the stellar rucksack I got from Shoplet Sorority Promos. The large pack is expandable thanks to the drawstring top, so stuffing my large beach towels inside was super easy. Then front pockets made for a great place to stick my electronic gadgets and smaller items like my sunblock.

I like to keep things simple at the beach. So packing is a breeze and unpacking is as easy as dumping my bag over the washing machine.

sorority shoplet promos backpack.jpg

What is in my Shoplet Sorority Beach Bag:

  1. 2 full size beach towels
  2. 1 water bottle
  3. doggy water dish
  4. 1 tube of Banana Boat Sport sunblock
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Marie ClaireΒ Magazine


Anjolee Jewelry – The Perfect Gift to Give The In Between Girl in Your Life

anjolee jewelry diamond hoop

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