For the Love of Thigh Gap

There was a time in my life when all I could think about was the thigh fact I yearned for a thigh gap before it was cool. I remember growing up that my mom gauged my health and the amount of weight I needed to lose by if my thighs rubbed together…and knowing my body type they have always rubbed together. So most of my childhood was spent trying to achieve a thigh gap. It’s kind of funny because when I search for “thigh gap” on Pinterest I get a warning about eating disorders. I guess I am not the only one who realized it is kind of silly to gauge your health, weight and worth based on something as silly as the absence of something between your legs.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.29.33 PM

Here I am at 22 years-old, no closer to a thigh gap than I was at age 12 and quite frankly I don’t really care.Β Pinterest and Tumblr are crawling with thigh gap pictures. You can’t go two scrolls without hitting at least two or three fitness photos of women with thigh gaps or thigh gap mantras. I am over the whole thigh gap craze. Did you know thigh gaps aren’t even based on your weight but actually on your bone structure? If you have wide set hips you are eligible of having a thigh gap if you are skinny and slender enough. Now, I haven’t measured my hips lately but just by looking at them I can tell they are pretty narrow. It would be silly of me to continue my childhood journey of obtaining a thigh gap at this point.

gap legs thigh the perfect thigh gap touching thighs

Life with a thigh gap I imagine to be a life of comfort. Never having to worry about chafing, never having to think about your shorts riding up in the crotch area when you walk, or getting to feel the light breeze moving around your inner thighs, and when you sit your thighs don’t look like bread dough rising up and out of the bread pan… Quite honestly, I would love a thigh gap, it sounds nice; but life without a thigh gap isn’t so bad. It’s like living your life with an outie belly button rather than an innie.


For the love of thigh gap..just stop the obsession! Sometimes it just isn’t in the stars for people. Don’t get hung up on your body just because social media is obsessed with it. Not having at thigh gap is still beautiful.

no thigh gap no problem


11 thoughts on “For the Love of Thigh Gap

  1. I really appreciate this entry, Bianca. I’ve watched you grow as a blogger (I’ve been reading your posts for a while now) and am impressed and encouraged by how you’ve matured and come into yourself. Your writing is great; always refreshing and candid and you’re not afraid to take risks with it. Continue on! You are proof to me that when you stick with something, you get better. I hope this doesn’t sound condescending, I don’t mean it to be! : )

    • Not condescending at all. I spent some time looking at my old post and I have definitely seen a change in my voice and writing as I have grown as a blogger. Thanks for sticking with me Maria!

  2. I really like this. I’m 00 (but it’s cuz I’m reeeally short, healthy BMI!) and I’ve kinda felt bad about growing up & not having a thigh gap from seeing posts about it all over social media. So this was like a breath of fresh air & I love your stuff.πŸ™‚ That Beyonce photo was a very nice touch. Idol!

  3. I have to share a story related to this…

    I needed a pair of bell bottoms to wear for a 70s event, and didn’t have any. My friend, whose jean size is somewhere between a 0-4, offered to lend me a pair. Now, considering I’m a size 8-10, I figured they would not fit, but tried them on anyway. They were stretchy, so I was able to get them on, but just barely.

    Me: “These look terrible! They look like they are painted on, and the high waist makes my hips and butt look huge.”

    Her: “No, you look great! You have a THIGH GAP! I was I had that.”

    Now, note here that the much skinnier girl (and yes, she is very thin – we are about the same height) does not have a thigh gap, but the curvy girl does because of BONES. I have super wide hips, therefore my legs are further apart.

    So which one of us is “prettier.” Neither and/or both. We’re both beautiful, and everyone seriously needs to get over the idea that one body type is more beautiful than another, myself included.

    • Great story! i feel like everyone nowadays it trying to one-up the next person. Even in the fitness community, certain diets are always being criticized as being unhealthy because its different from whatever is “in” right now. You can be healthy on a million different diets and exercise programs. Same thing goes for beauty.

  4. This is my first time reading your blog and first off, I’d like to say, I really enjoyed your post.

    I also have a story to tell..
    When I was a teen I had an eating disorder I was severely underweight, but I rocked the “thigh gap” for a few years (before it was really a thing). Now, I’m 23 and I have been at a healthy weight for a few years, and I can’t believe the things I put myself through to be thin. I realize that some women naturally are built small, and can be very thin and also very healthy. However, many of us are not.

    To every girl out there feeling insecure about her figure, remember this:
    Eating Disorders are not fun and games, and you don’t choose to have one. They creep up on you like a creature in the night. You start out wanting to LOOK great, and it becomes an obsession. Instead, Set your focus on FEELING great!! Eat clean, find fun ways to stay fit, find ways to exercise that you thoroughly enjoy so you can stick with it for life. When you focus on health, your body will be beautiful inside and out. That is something worth working for.

  5. Honestly this could not be more inaccurate. Having thigh gap, you still sit down and have squish legs that look like bread rising! Having a gap between them doesn’t change this. The only difference is that your legs are set too far away from each other so you can never have beautiful mermaid legs and a nice silhouette – even if you gain weight! Honestly I’d do anything to close the gap, but it’s my bone structure, so even if I gain weight it still might not make a difference.😦

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