Zara Navy and White Striped Blouse & Nude Pumps; OOTD

One of my favorite store in Fashion Valley Mall is Zara. Before I started blogging I remember reading other fashion and style blogs and the two retailers I always heard about were ASOS and Zara. So when I first discovered Zara in Singapore and realized how out of my price range it was, it kind of stomped on my love for Zara. Then when it opened up in San Diego and the prices were converted to US dollars, I fell in love again. As a savvy shopper and penny pincher, I only shop there when they have a sale. In fact, I wore this outfit to Fashion Valley to scour the mall for good sales; unfortunately, I came out empty handed.

blue and white zara button up shorts ootd curvy fashion fat curvy fashion blog outfit shorts fat thunder thighs shorts ootd blog fat fashion IMG_6557zara striped blouse fashion ootd blog fat curvy

Outfit of the day details:

Nude pumps – JC Penny – $17

DIY denim shorts – Banana Republic – $12

Navy & white striped blouse – Zara – $15

White watch – Michael Kors – gifted

Baby blue cross-body bag – thrifted – $1.80

Necklace – Express – $7


Total: about $52.80

13 thoughts on “Zara Navy and White Striped Blouse & Nude Pumps; OOTD

    • Thanks! This shirt is hard to take pictures in because the stripes come out wonky in the photos. You can’t see it in the pictures but the shoulders have studs on them

  1. I just have to tell you… your legs look fabulous. Jealous.
    I’ve been reading for awhile and I love your blog. Even though I’m not exactly the same shape as you, I still get good ideas from your posts.

    • That’s good to hear! I get a lot of style inspiration from Shay Mitchell and my body looks nothing like hers but I feel a lot of the stuff she wears looks good on curvy girls. Let me know if there is a specific post you would like to see me do!

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  4. Well I think your very pretty and have awsome hair, also I dont see any cellulite and I think you look super sexy in shorts, I cant see any good guy saying no to a date with you

  5. I think the sexys thing a woman can put on, is a pair of cut off jeans! especially a woman that has beautiful legs!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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