Protect your Thighs from Chafing with Bandelettes

What really started this blog beyond just my frustration with sizing was the constant pain between my thighs after walking long hours in 80 degree weather. If you have been following my blog from the beginning you have seen the progression of tips and tricks for dealing with chafing. It first started with Death By Chub Rub, then it was Advanced Tricks for Thick Thighs that Chafe. Well thanks to the internet and social media, I have been introduced to a level of protection that is both a bit sexy and functional.

Bandelettes are pretty awesome. They have the functionality and protection of jeans, with the sexy accessory aspect of thigh-high tights but the advanced protection of deodorant and baby powder. I spent a few days testing them out. I wore them under skirts, under shorts and under dresses just to see how long they can hold up and how many wears they can take. Bandelettes provided me with both black and nude pairs for versatility and they feel super comfortable under all of my feminine bottoms.

I tried them with a few different outfits and wore them for several hours in both hot and mild weather.

Here is a little sneak peak at what’s under my skirt (;

express black and white stripe skirt IMG_5869 IMG_5882 IMG_5886 IMG_5892 IMG_5896

My overall review of the product is a positive one. I enjoyed the sexy look of Bandelettes under my skirts. They are both comfortable and affordable for the average person and are stretchy to accommodate a variety of thigh sizes. The only downside to them is that they tend to slip a little, so if you are wearing a short skirt you have to pull them up regularly or people can see them peeking out from under your skirt. But besides that they are easy to wear, easy to pair and perfectly functional for every-day outfits. Like I said in the Youtube review, if my DIY tricks for protecting yourself from chafing didn’t work, try Bandelettes. At just $14.99 it is worth the risk of buying something online.


**To wash Bandelettes: rinse with cold water and scrub gently with mild detergent and air dry**

14 thoughts on “Protect your Thighs from Chafing with Bandelettes

    • The problems with retail. Every time I go looking for a specific item, like something I saw online that I am too cheap to pay for shipping and handling and would rather go out and buy, no one ever has it.

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