Real Hipsters Don’t Call Themselves Hipsters

What is a Hipster? I discovered this term several months ago when a few guy friends of mine would post pictures and call themselves Hipsters on Tumblr…After a week of these “Hipster shenanigans” I had to urban dictionary it.

Define: Hipster

The weird thing about being a Hipster or dressing like a Hipster, is that it is a complete oxymoron. Β Being a Hipster is a way of life and a style now, but yet if you choose to dress like a Hipster you are following a trend, which is against what Hipsters do. Β If you categorize yourself as a Hipster, that is also an unHipster thing to do.

How to be a Hipster in 2012

So pretty much real Hipsters no longer exist as a way-of-life but just as a way to dress. How do you be a culture of people that goes against the social “norms” and prides on being independent thinkers, when being a Hipster is the “cool” thing to do? Do you change your style in order to break away from the Hipster stereotype? Or is that too unHipster of you?

Elements of a female Hipster

Pretty much the only real Hipster to act and dress like a Hipster would be this guy.

Mr. Rogers, the OG of Hipsters; or maybe Gangstas are too mainstream... He is the OH

But the Hipster style has evolved into a few key elements:

  • Glasses, usually not necessary to see with
  • Oxfords or Keds
  • Skinny jeans
  • Emo-type hairstyle -blunt across the forehead bangs, shaggy hair cuts and messy long layers (hippyish if you will)
  • cross body bags/satchels

I guess this is how the modern hipster fashionista would do Hipster fashion:

Mustard, Bow tie and Glasses; Hipsterism

Circular sunglasses, shaggy hair, distressed high-waisted denim short shorts, cross body bag. It must be a Hipster.

Β I will say though.. My friend and I were wearing glasses without the lenses before it was cool. tee heee.

12 thoughts on “Real Hipsters Don’t Call Themselves Hipsters

  1. This is true, the ones being labelled as “hipsters” or calling themselves “hipsters” are now actually mainstream and are posers in hipster clothing. Here in Australia any stores aimed at younger markets are completely saturated with this kind of fashion (and other items), so nearly ALL young people dress like that and buy into other hipster trends like things with owls or moustaces on them (where did that even come from?). Funnily, these stores sell new “vintage” fashions in an attempt to mimmick the retro styles of a thrift store. Our so called “non-commercial” and independent radio station is now completely mainstream too. REAL hipsters would be way beyond this style now, as to be a true hipster is to be ahead of trends and away from the mainstream – of course they wouldn’t even know it because they wouldn’t identify themselves as a hipster in the first place.

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  3. True. Most people who claim to be hipster are just wannabes. And also punk-rock shouldn’t be considered hipster, hipster is more of a quirky, Little Mix-type style rather than goth.

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