Real Hipsters Don’t Call Themselves Hipsters

What is a Hipster? I discovered this term several months ago when a few guy friends of mine would post pictures and call themselves Hipsters on Tumblr…After a week of these “Hipster shenanigans” I had to urban dictionary it.

Define: Hipster

The weird thing about being a Hipster or dressing like a Hipster, is that it is a complete oxymoron. ย Being a Hipster is a way of life and a style now, but yet if you choose to dress like a Hipster you are following a trend, which is against what Hipsters do. ย If you categorize yourself as a Hipster, that is also an unHipster thing to do.

How to be a Hipster in 2012

So pretty much real Hipsters no longer exist as a way-of-life but just as a way to dress. How do you be a culture of people that goes against the social “norms” and prides on being independent thinkers, when being a Hipster is the “cool” thing to do? Do you change your style in order to break away from the Hipster stereotype? Or is that too unHipster of you?

Elements of a female Hipster

Pretty much the only real Hipster to act and dress like a Hipster would be this guy.

Mr. Rogers, the OG of Hipsters; or maybe Gangstas are too mainstream... He is the OH

But the Hipster style has evolved into a few key elements:

  • Glasses, usually not necessary to see with
  • Oxfords or Keds
  • Skinny jeans
  • Emo-type hairstyle -blunt across the forehead bangs, shaggy hair cuts and messy long layers (hippyish if you will)
  • cross body bags/satchels

I guess this is how the modern hipster fashionista would do Hipster fashion:

Mustard, Bow tie and Glasses; Hipsterism

Circular sunglasses, shaggy hair, distressed high-waisted denim short shorts, cross body bag. It must be a Hipster.

ย I will say though.. My friend and I were wearing glasses without the lenses before it was cool. tee heee.