Retreat in San Clemente;OOTD

Delta Zeta takes a retreat once a year and this year we have a house in San Clemente. I packed a bikini and some bedding and im ready for a fun day with my DZ sisters.


Since it is like 80 degrees I decided to go with my purple sundress from Cotton On, my fedora from Windsor and my bag from the flea market in sicily. All of my neccessites I packed into my purple PINK beach bag.

College is like a Journey Through Mt. Moon

It kind of sucks how I can not know the future.  I feel like I’m walking around blind.  I know the general direction I want to head in and we walk the path thinking that it will land us smack dab in the middle of our destination.

I feel like this “journey” has been like a walk through Mt. Moon.  **if you are a Pokemon fan, you will get the reference**

College has been a journey through Mt. Moon (this is just the first level, as you can see there are staircases)

From how many times I have played any Pokemon game, you would think I would know how to navigate through Mt. Moon without having to look up the map online. I know the destination but the journey is a bit foggy, you need things like flash and rock smash to make it through without wasting hours wandering in the dark.

Wild Zubat appears!

Lately I’ve been feeling like I am smack dab in the middle of Mt. Moon, down one of those staircases that lead you to Paras and Zubats.  I know I am close to getting something right, but I always feel like I will never make it out.  The amount of wild Zubats that get in my way is probably comparable to the amount of douchey long boarders that cut you off on campus.  It is times like this I choose to run away from my problems..kind of like an escape rope…

Bianca would like to use an escape rope

I escape to a feeling when I didn’t have a care in the world and the only thing I really had to worry about was graduating from high school, and lets face it, high school is a breeze.  I feel like those who complain high school is too hard just aren’t trying hard enough.

A day by the Aquaplex makes stress seem almost none existent

Dreaming of Sunset Beach Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica

At times when I feel like I am trapped in Mt. Moon and flash is failing and Zubats keep appearing I pull out my escape rope.  I suit up in a bikini, slather on some SPF and take my butt to lounge next to a pool where music with steel drums chime quietly as people forget their worries.  It takes me back to when my family used to travel to Jamaica for spring break.  I would wake up at 9 and spend all day next to the pool and occasionally at the beach until 5 or 6 when the resort would serve dinner and get ready for the night time festivities. From the ages of 12 to 16 these trips to Sunset Beach Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica were my favorite.  I always met a group of vacationing friends that I would soon hang out with everyday until it was time to leave.

Back to reality.

Alas, before I know it I am back in Mt. Moon again.