This is such a great post with interviewing tips and how career people in PR can make it in the business.

15 Minute Goddess

If you’re hoping to work in fashion/beauty in any realm (PR, design, graphic design, etc.), often times, applying for an internship is not as easy as going to the brand’s website, finding their careers page and filling out a general application.

Instead, it requires utilizing your network, your research skills (yes, all those years of Facebook stalking do come in handy), and sending out dozens of well-crafted, personal emails.

This semester, I’ve sent out dozens of emails that resulted in over 15 interviews. It’s exhausting, but there is no greater satisfaction than receiving an email back, because when that happens, you’re probably being offered the chance to interview.

Here are my tips for scoring the interview of your dreams:

Don’t limit yourself to sites like Ed2010 or Free Fashion Internships. If there’s an editor or PR person you particularly admire, figure out what their email address is. Chances…

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