A Little Philanthropy, A lot of Style; SOLO Eyewear

As an Aztec at San Diego State University, I can say I am a part of one of the most spirited schools; as well as, a proud student of a school with prominent entrepreneurial graduates doing great things for the community and businesses worldwide.  One of these companies is SOLO Eyewear.  A product of SDSU graduates, SOLO eyewear will fund a pair of prescription glasses or eye surgery for every pair of SOLO sunglasses sold.

Did you know that about 80% of the world’s blindness is preventable?

I am excited to say that SOLO has already sold out of their sunglasses! But never to quit on a dream, SOLO is kickstarting their campaign to raise funds to produce their summer line of sunglasses. So far, $4,500 has been raised by 77 people.

SOLO Kickstarter in San Diego

I am excited to see what their new line will look like.  Maybe eclectic patterns or interesting geometric shapes, sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories.  From cats eye to aviators, your shades can take your outfit from California cool to uptown chic, and it protects your eyes.

SOLO sunglasses

As a person with horrible eye sight and sun damage to my eyes, I know the importance of sunglasses to fight the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If you are interested in pledging to their cause or pre ordering a pair of SOLO sunglasses and helping them reach their $10,000 goal you can visit the SOLO eyewear site.

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