What to Pack For a Vacation to Sicily in March

Spring break is here! Spring break is here! Tomorrow morning I will be on a flight to Atlanta to meet my dad and then we will be off to Sicily to visit my grandparents for a week.  I am so excited! I am in desperate need of some international exposure (not including Mexico or Canada).

Here are some wise words Laura Penny regarding Spring break:


Packing is probably the hardest thing to do when it comes to any trip because you have no idea what it will be like.  The weather in Sicily apparently is 95% humidity and 70 degrees during the day time.  It is the same temperature as San Diego but much more humid.  So what do I pack? Usually when I have gone, it has been when it is scorching hot and shorts and tank tops are all I can bare to be in.  But this time not so much.

I did some Google searches to get a feel for what to wear.

Mslistologist said:

What I packed that I shouldn’t have:

  • High heels. It takes technique and practice to walk the cobbled streets of Italy. With a little more practice I would wear heels, but not on a 10-day vacation!
  • Sleeveless blouse.
  • White Jacket. You will stand out like a sore thumb wearing white during winter.

What I wish I would have brought:

  • A couple of more scarves in different colors
  • More stretch pants

My research shows that bright colors and flowing fabrics are great for spring and summer but for the cooler seasons Italians bundle up in dark muted colors and give you strange looks if you wear white or bright colors. But that is pretty much all I own and I love it! I wouldn’t go anywhere without at least 2 or 3 white/cream shirts.

Packed 3 tshirts, 1 tribal shirt, denim shorts, black leggings 3 white shirts and a green top

I have to bring my teal blazer

No fabulous shoes, I plan on doing tons of walking and flats have a tendency to rub my feet wrong so my $5 knock-off vans from Forever21 should do the trick

I am also packing my Jessica London boots I got for Christmas, I just didn’t have them out for the pictures. Over the summer, when I went to Singapore I read a couple of books on the plane and I realized just how relaxing it is to read for fun. It’s amazing how schools try and instill the love of reading to kids when they are young and then take it all away by giving you 2 hours of reading a night per textbook in subjects so dull and dry not even your teacher would read it. This plane ride I will be reading Crosby Noricks’ “The PR COurture Guide To Breaking Into Fashion PR” as well as my dry and dull textbook my teacher wrote and made us buy about the psychology of terrorism.

Crosby Noricks' The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR

If you are traveling to Italy in the summer Tory Burch has great outfits for the lovely weather. I will definitely being doing some trend watching and style observing while I spend my mornings drinking cafe and eating all of the pastries I can get.

5 thoughts on “What to Pack For a Vacation to Sicily in March

    • Great advice! I definitely should have listened to the blogs that said to bring a heavy jacket because it is freezing. The humidity rate threw me off and now I am cold like every day.

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