Sorority-Sister Love at San Diego’s Balboa Park; OOTD

My outfit of the day, yesterday, was simple and plain.  It is always hard for me to dress cute when its 80 degrees outside.  My little sis (sorority sister) and I went to San Diego’s beautiful Balboa park to because she had never been there and because I felt like taking some pictures.  It has been such a stressful week, mostly because I discovered Gossip Girl last weekend and because I have been trying to catch up while still getting all of my homework done, doing the sorority thing and be a good girlfriend.

I really missed being outside where there are more plants than buildings, Balboa park is so beautiful for a trip to the park with your dog or a romantic stroll with your boyfriend, even a great place for photos.


OOTD;Purple button up, shorts, and sandals.

OOTD; the bag is the little Forever21 bag from one of my first posts.

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Balboa Park has great columns, halls and gardens to take beautiful wedding pictures and senior photos. In fact the outdoor auditorium had at least 5 photoshoots occurring at one time.

The bow was my favorite part of this outfit. And if you didn't notice, I did dye my hair darker.

Beautiful Balboa Park; don't drink from the water fountains though...the water it warm.

My Little Delta Zeta Sis and I taking “continuous shots” at Balboa Park:

Love my little.

Reminder! only two more weeks until I get to go to Sicily and visit my grandparents! My dad gave me the OK to bring my DSLR camera.  I don’t have a cute camera bag like I was hoping to have but I have a regular camera bag to make sure my Canon stays safe.  Now I just need to figure out what to wear. Every time I have gone to Sicily it has been sweltering hot, but I have been following the weather and 50 degrees is perfect weather for layering and looking cute.

I feel like it is always harder to look cute when its hot outside, because the more clothes you wear the more you sweat.  But I follow blogs where girls dress adorable in countries that are 80 to 90 degrees every day.  Is it just me who has to worry about sweat?