It Never Truly Ends

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Every morning is a chance for you to play dress up.  There is something so innocent about this that as an adult brings you back to when life was fun and without any serious problems.

Thanks Kate Spade.

More-To-Love Basics

A few months ago I subscribed to Marie Claire magazine because I found a special offer online for a years worth for just $5.  It was such a good buy, because unlike Cosmopolitan and Seventeen that are geared toward young women and sex, Marie Claire offers several types of articles that would interest anyone.  They don’t just offer the “5 things to wear to a job interview” but report on the crazy miraculous people who work those jobs plus an interesting face that makes you want to read about them.

January 2012

For example: the 23-year-old woman who is apart of the Antarctic research diving team

**amazed** the article is awesome, if I could find a link I would have provided it.

A part of their section is Big Girl in a Skinny World, Ashley Falcon shows women how a major stylist works being a big girl in a world that caters to the skinny and svelte.

A previous article I greatly appreciated was the Slimming Wardrobe Basics

To summarize:

  1. LBD; kind of like a comfy sweater.  It will be appropriate for any occasion and when you don’t have the time to buy something to wear it will always be there for you.  I own at least three black dresses. Check out My LBD post
  2. White button-down; plain and simple it is like a basic black v-neck t-shirt.  It can be dressed up or dressed down but best of all you can transition from day to night by adding some accessories or taking some off. Don’t fear the white button-down because its not “slimming” like a black button down.  Check out how I dress a button-down
  3. Black pencil skirt; easy to wear from the office to a dinner date, it is a work staple that can work for the day as well.  Ashley Falcon’s tip is to find one with lining to avoid cling and to buy two of them if you know you are going to “wear it to death.”
  4. Trench Coat; commands attention and ups your sophistication.  And who doesn’t want to look sophisticated? I am still on the hunt for one of these at a college-student price but a cute camel or tan color that hits just above the knee is great for summer dresses.
My own addition to this list
  1. A belt; no not a pants belt, but that is highly recommended.  A good solid belt that will cinch a dress or tunic.  It adds visual interest to a work outfit without being overly done with jewelry.  Check out Must Have Accessory #1

“Of course, it surprised no one that I decided to pursue a career as a fashion stylist—though at 5’2″ and 220 pounds, I’d need an elaborate pulley system and a can of Crisco to shimmy into the clothes I dress models in.” – Ashley Falcon