Steve Maddens to Steal My Heart

I just got paid today, and I bet you know what I have been doing since I got home from work…

It is cold, I have a headache and all I can think about doing is finding some cute shoes for a great price.  So where do I turn to? Good ol’ Mr. Steve Madden.  His shoes represents everything I love, the fabric, height, design and minute details that are put into each pair, steals my heart every time I hit the next button.

Some of my favorites:

Beasst;Purple Steve Madden Pump


Pammyy; Fuchsia Steve Madden Wedge

Pammyy; Blue Suede Steve Madden Wedge

Cirkus; Taupe Suede Steve Madden Bootie

Glaare; Pewter Steve Madden jeweled sandal

Wizzard; Coral Steve Madden Cork Wedge

Partyy-R; Fuchsia satin jeweled Steve Madden pump

Gaayle; Blue multi colored Steve Madden peep toe

Karisma; Blush Suede Steve Madden Bow flat

Yachtt-S; Pink Sequin Steve Madden Flat

I am in love with all of the fresh colors and solid platforms his shoes give me. The shoe is the foundation for the outfit after all.  Why not let it speak for itself right?

**I’m currently watching the first episode of Jane by Design, kind of interesting.**


5 thoughts on “Steve Maddens to Steal My Heart

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