Must Have Travel Accessory

Since I have been back home in Seattle I have been using this wimpy gimpy digital camera.  The battery runs out fast and the flash turns everything white… I am not a fan.  It makes me miss my Canon DSLR I left in San Diego.  Part of the reason I didn’t bring it with me was because I don’t have a bag for it so I would have to rely on the cushion of my clothes in my luggage to protect it. And we all know what happens to luggage that get checked in..

Just imagine that oaf chucking your luggage into this pile like it were a an empty soda can

I need to invest some money into a proper, yet cute, camera bag so I can take my camera with me on my excursions this year.  I can’t rely on a wimpy gimpy digital camera to capture the awesomeness of Sicily, South Korea, Singapore and Japan.  I think it takes something a little more reliable then a Lumix digital camera.

I found this Camera bag on Ebay for just $22.  It ships from Hong Kong and it is so cute, I can imagine myself running around the streets of Sicily capturing all the wonderful people, eating gelato, shopping and speaking Italian.  Because it looks like a regular bag, it won’t be a red flag for pick-pocketers to target me as a tourist.

It’s a good idea to having something saved for a rainy day; OOTD`

Rain rain go away come again another day, I am so tired of the constant rain that keeps falling from the grey skies.  Sometimes I forget why I decided to go to school in San Diego.  I wanted to take my dogs to the park to play fetch but the minute I stepped outside I realized it was raining.

On my to-buy list: a cute parasol.

wearing the Jessica London boots I got for Christmas

Everytime I take these pictures, all my dogs need to swarm around me like a group of preteen girls at a Justin Bieber concert

This scarf is my favorite purchase since I have been back home

I love to pair browns with the sophistication of a black blazer

Remove the scarf and it is just a basic white button up underneath

This button up has a train in the back, it adds a little bit of interest from behind and can be worn with leggings without worrying your butt is going to show

Hype This Look on Lookbook

Hype this look on LookBook!

I have worn this shirt before for a previous OOTD post, but it was in purple.  I loved the purple one so much, I had to have it in a standard white as well.  For a curvy, thick girl everything about this outfit camouflages and tricks the mind into seeing a streamlined silhouette.  The button-up is loose fitted and is a regular length in front and long in the back creating visual interest.  The single pocket in the front is great for a large chest because it doesn’t draw attention to the area.  The Loose fit of the shirt is give structure and balance by the sharp lines of the blazer, creating refined curves.  The leggings are comfortable and they are a thick material from Banana Republic.  These boots finish it off for a casual yet cozy look.

–My chihuahua, Bruno, has a bad habit of photo bombing every picture I take.  I have to fight all four of my dogs off every time I try and take pictures.  Even when I am just sitting on the couch, Bruno has to sit on my lap.  —

Usually, when it rains outside I like to go shopping.  But being as I don’t get paid until Friday and I am saving my money for traveling this year I probably will be doing a lot of recycling of outfits.  But do you know what that means for you as a reader? More content, less OOTD posts!

A lot of fashion bloggers are drawn to fashion blogs where outfits are posted everyday, we want to see what people are buying.  I personally enjoy reading what fashion bloggers have to say, about their style, whats is going on in their life, their inspiration, any tips or tricks they have found to work.