DIY Hand Warmers

I wear my heart on my sleeve, jk more like in my sleeve when the winter chills brush by me on my way to class.

A great way to fight frostbite on your fingers, are hand warmers!

but don’t go out and buy one of those disposable plastic packs you shake up then toss. Have some fun this winter season making your own DIY Hand Warmers


  1. Fleece, or your choice of fabric (make sure it is microwaveable)
  2. Rice
  3. Thread
  1. Cut 2 equal pieces of fabric into any size or shape you want, make sure it is big enough to hold the rice.
  2. Sew the edges all the way around so it is tight enough to keep rice from spilling, but leave a hole to pour the rice in.
  3. Fill the pouch with rice
  4. Sew up the hole

DIY heart hand warmers

And you are left with DIY hand warmers that will keep your hands warm for up to an hour.
Plus they are reusable so just pop them in the microwave when they get cold.

So cozy

Tip: The direct heat can dry out your hands. Β Keep lotion on you just in case, to avoid cracked hands.

29 thoughts on “DIY Hand Warmers

  1. I whipped some of these up as gifts for our Sunday school teachers last night, and they turned out great! I actually tried some with fleece and some with felted wool sweaters…and the wool ones were easier to sew on my machine, but they are both cuteπŸ™‚ Thanks for the idea!

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  5. How do you know if the material you’re sewing is “microwaveable”,,, I’m not trying to be sarcastic but I’ve never saw this on the care instructions on a bolt of cloth….. Just wondering

    • I wouldn’t expect “microwave safe” to appear on the tag of fabric. People don’t usually microwave fabric. Polar fleece should be fine. If you are worried about radiation it you should probably just get rid of your microwave in general. 20-30 seconds, depending on how strong your microwave is, should be good enough to make the rice warm without harming the fabric. I have never tried it but there are other ways of heating the hand warmers, including holding a hot hair dryer to it. Maybe try it out and tell me how it works.

  6. Thank you for featuring WormeWoole’s fleece heart hand warmers on your blog. I’ve gotten lots of views in my Etsy shop from here. That’s my hand in the photo with my original fleece hand warmers, but I like the wool ones best. Have a great day!

  7. another website also suggested the following fillers, as white rice breaks down after repeated heating

    instead try brown rice, whole oats, buckwheat, black linseed, and wheat berries (cheapest)

    best outer material: linen, cotton, wool bag (safer in microwave)

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  9. Tried microwaving a cutout of fleece before doing actual project… something went wrong and my microwave flashed… do you know why?

    • I would make sure your microwave is clean of all debris. Some leftover food hiding under the plate or on the roof of the microwave can release steam that causes your fleece to get damp

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  11. I made these but i did them in heart shapes. I put them in the microwave and they were fine, the second time i did it, some rice burnt and left a brown mark. Why did this happen?:)

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