I love a girl’s night out, but I don’t like getting overly dressed up for them.  So when heading to a kickback, I like to put together a laid back outfit using separates.  A dress, sometimes, is just too dressy for certain occasions.  Last night,  I chose to pair a tank top– that you have already seen on numerous occasions– with a cotton stretch skirt and my favorite Steve Madden suede pumps.

Coral skirt, Leopard Tank, Steve Madden pumps, Bangle from F21

**Sorority Pose!** Cute girls = Cute outfits

I know what you are thinking..Plain right?

I paired this outfit with everything from belts, to earrings and necklaces and stacked multiple bracelets **Ihave a lot of jewelry** But nothing looked right, it all just looked too busy with the leopard print tank top.


So I just kept it plain and simple.


Coral Skirt : Cotton On $5

Leopard Print Tank: H&M $5

Pumps: Steve Madden $90

Bangles: F21 $3



11 thoughts on “OOTD #5

  1. To the girl in the Coral Skirt. I think you are beautiful, I like your style. I just stumbled across this page. Hit me up sometime…

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