How to Properly Color Block an Outfit.

I want to say that with the recession and the lack of funds people have, fashion has taken a minimalistic approach.  With a lot of color palettes steering away from intricate patterns or fabrics, majority of women are using basic colors to make their outfits visually interesting.

So WTF is color blocking??

Color blocking is wearing strategically placed complimentary yet contrasting BOLD colors in one outfit.

Using a color wheel can help you pick the right colors for your outfit.

  1. Find complimentary colors using the rule of two-thirds.
  2. Pick a color you really want to wear
  3. then draw an equilateral triangle(all 3 sides will be of equal length) have  other colors at each corner.
  4. Pick one other color (besides the one that you started with) that touched one of the corners of the triangle
and voila! a complimentary color blocked outfit.
Color Blocking Fail:

I suggest using separate pieces to make a color blocking outfit. this draws too much attention to her hips and thighs

It's just too tight and it looks like something out of a circus tent.

Color Blocking Properly Done:

Orange Skinnies, Hot pink pumps : Color Blocking success

Blue Skinnies, Pink Blazer, Yellow Clutch: Color Blocking Success

Tips for Color Blocking:

  1. Stick to 2 – 3 colors
  2. Pair it with plain neutrals
  3. Don’t wear the bright pieces on your trouble areas, it will make pooches, poofs and padding look 10x worse.
  4. Use separates to build an outfit, not just a single garment with 3 stacked colors built in
  5. Play with it!
***I am still working on incorporating colors into my wardrobe. I am guilty of having an almost completely neutral filled closet… ***

37 thoughts on “How to Properly Color Block an Outfit.

  1. Cool. I think color blocking is one of the most confusing thing ever. Plus, it’s hard to describe it to someone else. Thanks for breaking it down, sistah!

  2. I have a very bright wardrobe…what’s funny is that I’ve been looking for neutral pieces to throw into my rainbow medley! LOL! I LOVE the bright skinny pants but wondering what your opinion of curvy girls wearing skinnies. I am quite curvy and have thick thighs. I want to try wearing skinnies with high heels but I’m scared it’s going to look really bad or unflattering. What’s you opinion on the matter?

    • My friends are much curvier than I am and they like how boyfriend jeans fit because they are not too tight, but at the same time they are not too close. You can try those if you like, I am almost sure they come in different colors.

  3. I am loving this article. I stopped by a couple of vintage stores yesterday ,which is filled with plenty bright items. I am loving those blue and orange skinny jeans. I don’t own any as of the moment but I will soon and post pictures. Owning a pink blazer is a must have. Love, Love, Love!

  4. Great post… I’m always a little apprehensive about pulling off a colour- blocked outfit so seeing the colour wheel and reading your rules were great! I’m certainly not “model” thin, but I am just under 5’0″, which means I fit into smaller sizes based on stature alone. I really like all the brightly coloured jeans that are in stores now, but J Brand charges over $200 for a pair. I’m not sure how relevant this comment will be for most (I realize I am considerably shorter than the average girl), but I bought a pair of bright red jeans at Gap Kids in the largest girls size. For $26 dollars it was a risk-free way to play with colour blocking.
    xx Elia

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  6. I have an orange A short skirt, how can i combine it to make a great looking outfit? Cause i feel like if i wear it with black, i’ll look ready to go trick or treating!!

  7. hey i am not really sure i understood the triangle method….i thinks is interesting though because i am having lots of trouble tryin to figure out wat colors go together….

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  9. I have red pants and green jersey.
    Please advice on which coulour jacket, shoes and belt must i wear that outfit with

    • It really depends on the shade of red and green you are wearing. I don’t recommend pairing the two colors together because it sends off a Christmas vibe. Because your colors are so bold I would stick with neutral shoes, belt and accessories so you don’t over complicate the outfit.

  10. I love color blocking…bt I just can’t seem 2 get it ryt…I have this orange skinny but I dnt knw wat to pair it with…plz help_Oh nd I dnt wear Heels…

    • A great colored flat in cobalt blue or vent a magenta would be awesome. If that is too bright you can do a nude flat or sandal and pair it with bright accessories. What shade of orange is it? burnt orange? neon orange? pale orange?

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