Bring Charles & Keith to the USA

A shopaholic once said, “your shoe is an investment, everything rests upon it.”

That being said, it is important that you take the time and energy to choose footwear that is sturdy, reliable and most importantly..Fabulous. I believe you can tell a lot about a person’s personality based on the shoes they wear.

That doesn’t mean you should shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single pair of shoes. There are companies and brands that appreciate a good quality shoe and sell it for an affordable price. And if all else fails, sales are a girl’s best friend.

That is why I choose Charles & Keith as my investment. I have mentioned this store in several posts during my trip to Singapore, because quite frankly no other accessory store compares. This is the only shoe store that I am willing to walk out with 3 or 4 bags of shoes without feeling guilty.

** I am pretty hesitant on spending all my money in one store, because there is a possibility I might find something better elsewhere, but not with Charles & Keith **

Charles & Keith caters to the trendy woman who is not ok with being out-shined by other women in the room. They provide a variety of different styles so no woman goes unrepresented. It started setting the bar for its competition back in 1996 in Singapore and since then they have expanded to 25 other countries including Vietnam, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. I can not wait for the day when Charles and Keith comes to the US, women will discover a new standard for shoe quality and service. There is a reason why it is always packed to the door with people when you attempt to enter a Charles and Keith store.

Why I Love Charles & Keith:
1. AWESOME sales, I recall mentioning that the GSS raved about 10% $90 shoes.. Charles & Keith show the GSS what a real sale is.
2. Strong productive staff, they don’t dilly-dally while you patiently wait for them to grab your size.
3. Great lighting and well-organized, the sale shoes are in the same section and the flats are in all the same section..etc.
4. They have full-length mirrors, I hate the stores that just have the short mirrors that show your feet. I want to know how I look in the shoes, not just my ankles.
5. Their bags are sturdy, I had so many pairs of shoes coming home from Singapore I had to use one of their large shopping bags to keep my shoes in as a carry-on. It held up through a connection in Tokyo and 2 plane rides.
6. They have a shoe for every woman. They have shoes for Girls-night out for drinks, feminine flats for the flirty girly girl, mary-janes for the office chick that likes to add some sass to her wardrobe. You get the point.

These are some of my favorite outfits featuring my newest shoes from Charles & Keith.

Charles & Keith Leopard Print Jeweled Sandals with white AE jeans, matching Leopard print tank and denim button up.


Charles & Keith Jeweled Leopard Print Sandal

Charles & Keith Brown Snakeskin Gladiator Sandal paired with a floral mesh top and blue cotton skirt


Charles & Keith Brown Snake skin Gladiator sandal **excuse my gross unpainted toes**

Charles & Keith Grey Sandal pumps with a Black Tshirt dress paired with a leather jacket

Charles & Keith Grey stud Sandal Pumps ** They also come in Black, my friend (Shalina) bought them in Singapore, Watch our Youtube Haul to check them out.**

Charles & Keith Black snake skin ballet flat paired with breezy white shorts, a grey Tshirt and a pink button-down


Charles & Keith black ballet flat, sorry it is blurry, my camera ran out of batteries so I had to crop a picture of the shoes.

“GSS? Trip to Singapore? Inbetween girl say What?” *Hannah Montana reference*
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And finally, if you are too lazy to click on the links and want to see all the shoes we bought in Singapore, Including the ones you see here from Charles & Keith I have provided the video for you.

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