Sexy and Comfortable, Robes.

Women do the craziest things..  Waking up before a man in the morning, just to reapply her makeup and primp her hair in order to look beautiful for when her man opens his eyes in the morning.  Ridiculous.  If you have to try that hard to keep his attention or if you feel that insecure around him, you should just quit while you are ahead and save yourself some beauty sleep.

How do I feel sexy in the morning?How do I feel sexy coming out of the shower? How do I feel sexy drinking my green tea in the morning…?

Good Morning🙂

Frederick’s of Hollywood, Lounge Robes.

Pair it with a bra and panties or just lounge in your pajamas

Move over Victoria Secret, I’ve pretty much lost all interest in you since I discovered this lingerie store in San Diego. The  Semi Annual Sale has nothing on Frederick’s sales.  Since winter break I was on a search for a beautiful robe that I can wear around the house, I scoured Victoria Secret for one but to my demise they were all $50, even when on sale.  I have 2 robes from Frederick’s, this hot pink robe that is 100% polyester and a peach robe as well.  Both robes have the black lace on the sleeves both were $19.99.

All their bras and underwear have robes and other products that match their lingerie sets, making shopping easy.

The bright color and sexy details make me feel feminine and beautiful, even when I haven’t brushed my teeth, or showered.  I advise every girl and woman to own a robe to lounge in.  I am not a fan of bath robes because they are often really heavy and rough.  This robe is super smooth and comfortable because the draping and material of it allows your skin to breathe.

Frederick’s sell everything from lingerie to massage oils, dresses and shoes.  A great place to shop for you a gift for you boyfriend/husband, or your husband/boyfriend to buy a gift for you.

Which is Sexier to You?

this one?

or this one?



6 thoughts on “Sexy and Comfortable, Robes.

  1. OMG. I LOVE Frederick’s robes. I was looking for silkish robes for my bridesmaids gifts and Frederick’s had the best ones! I even snapped one up for myself. All my girls love them and they are sexy indeed.

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