Yoga Pants, Why the bad rep?

What Fashionista sits at home to watch a movie with a glass of wine in a platform pumps and cutout dress?

No one…

With the pressure on women to look good all the time, it seems that women are no longer allowed to be comfortable, not just physically comfortable but comfortable with themselves.

Yoga pants aren’t just any type of sweat pant, they are body conscious and hug every curve, which is nice for showing off to the boys. But at the same time they are comfortable and easy to move around in without make you look like a complete slob.

Victoria Secret’s PINK line of comfortable sweats is my favorite! they are bringing comfy back while still looking cute. But the fact that it’s frowned upon to wear sweats or yoga pants out of the house is saddening, I am not going to spend an hour to get ready to buy nail polish from Target..

Pink’s song, Stupid Girls, really sums up what society deems is acceptable for women.

What I admire about the girl who walks into a party in Victoria Secret sweatpants and a plain tshirt is her ability to let her personality and her face be the main attraction.

It has become normal for women and even girls as young as 12 to put hours into putting in hair extensions, fake eyelashes, self tanner and makeup.

Not to mention the hundreds of dollars that women spend on the crazy bras that adds 2 cup sizes. I used to make fun of girls who stuffed their bras in middle school, now lingerie stores have turned padding into stuffing.

All these self enhancers are tiring, for me as well as the person who does it.

Here are all the little things your bestfriend/you/girlfriend could do or does to enhance her looks daily:


  1. Mascara : lengthens and thickens eyelashes
  2. coverup/foundation : creates smooth blemish free complexion
  3. bronzer: creates a sunkissed look (even in winter)
  4. highlighter : (not like the kind you used in school) highlights key features and brightens the eyes
  5. eyeshadows: play up the eye color
  6. eyeliner: makes the eyes appear larger
  1. Self Tanner: gives the entire body a sunkissed glow (even in winter)
  2. Acrylic nails: makes fingernails appear longer and healthier (but they’re not real! they’re acrylic!)
  3. Bombshell Bra: adds 2 cup sizes to your tits, Are you an A cup? not anymore you can now get to be a C. On the note of making boobs appear bigger, some women have learned the trick of putting self tanner/bronzer on their cleavage to create depth making boobs appear larger.
  4. Fake Eyelashes: added on top of real lashes to add length and thicken, can be combined with mascara(See B1)
  5. Hair Extensions: Creates volume and thick hair without having to grow your own.
Other enhancements include 5 inch heels that make legs look longer, paired with short skirts/dresses and low cut tops to show off assets.  It’s as if women have embraced the fact that their everyday biological self is not good enough to go out in public as.
Don’t get me wrong I am all about looking your best when you go out, but I believe everything has a time and a place. And spending hours getting ready to sit in a dark movie theater seems a bit pointless. Not to mention if you are trying to hook a new guy, you would have to keep up that appearance all the time while dating until you were comfortable enough to show the real you.
My rule for wearing yoga pants/lounge-wear out in public:
If you are going to be wearing comfortable clothes, dress your face up and do your hair so at least you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.
Now the girl I describe is an extreme, many, if not most, women do not do all of these things but there are a few that do and they spend a lot of time looking good for the world and I commend them for it.  But don’t forget to let the facade have a break and be comfortable not just with what you are wearing but with yourself.

Here is my lazy day lounging outfit along with my face for the day:

Leggings $4.50 forever 21, Cami $4.90 alley kat, Belt forever21 (came with a skirt), Cardigan $10.00 papaya

Fake Eyelashes $1.50 Daiso, white eyeliner, purple hair flower $2.80 Fuego,black eyeliner

One thought on “Yoga Pants, Why the bad rep?

  1. I’m sorry but I have to say that generally I don’t like yoga pants because they are camel-toe magnets and they are not flattering. I’m sick of seeing the outline of people’s cracks and crotches. Just my opinion

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