Death by Chub Rub

Urban Dictionary’s definition

The technical term for chub rub is chafing.  Chafing is a raised rash that breaks out due to constant rubbing of skin to skin, or even from an article of clothing on an area of skin.

That red spotch hurts more than you can imagine

What I like about Urban Dictionary is that it gives the definition that young society sees certain words as.  In this case its when fat girl’s thighs rub together due to sweat and emits nasty smells, Thanks Dong Wong.

I had my first experience with chub rub when I was probably about 8 or 9, when my family went to California in the summer to visit

My brother and I

Disneyland and Seaworld.  For those who have had chub rub before probably see how this would be a problem.  For a week, my family and I spent endless hours walking in the California heat.  At age 9 you would think that I would be worried about what shows at Seaworld we were seeing next, but all I could think about was the burning sensation between my thighs.

I wouldn’t say I was fat when I was young but I definitely loved food, I went outside and played all the time with the kids in the neighborhood.  We rode our bikes, played tag and hide n seek all the time; my childhood was not living life on the couch playing video games like many kids now do.

I have yo-yoed in weight my whole life and I can say that the shape of my thighs is not affected by my weight.  I longed for the day when I could have thighs that didn’t touch.  Even when I dropped down to 130, my thighs still rubbed together.

I have come to terms that no matter what I do, this will be in my life and I had to learn how to Deal With It.

Now, I am 20 and I have discovered a few tricks that do help with the chub rub.

How to Reduce and Prevent Chub Rub

  1. Carry a Travel Size Baby Powder. You can keep them in your purse and it is only a dollar at target.  Just dust some in between your thighs of chafing areas when you feel it getting sweaty. This does not provide long term relief, but does help for a while, just keep reapplying.
  2. Wear Clothes that cover the areas vulnerable to chub rub.  I like cropped leggings because they allow you to breathe while still keeping yourself protected
  3. Petroleum Jelly. helps moisten and lubricated the area so it doesn’t rub the area raw
  4. Hydrocortisone.  Helps clear up the rash by reducing inflammation
  5. Keeping vulnerable areas free of sweat can help prevent chub rub
  6. Wear loose clothing. Prevents bumps and bulges that may otherwise increase skin to skin contact.
Chub Rub does not just affect curvy girls, thin girls can get it too.  Wither you are 110 pounds, 150 pounds or 250 pounds based on your genetics you can have fat between your thighs that rub. Though it is true that bigger girls do tend to have chub rub more than thin women, it is not limited to curvier girls.
And Girls with more meat on your thighs,
There are Men who love some thick thighs.  Thunder thighs don’t have to be a bad thing.
Celebrities with Thicker Thighs:


Kim Kardashian

Prevent Chafing While Exercising