I am My Own Fashion Victim

That I am..

We all know how embarrassed we feel for the girl whose underwear is showing through her dress, or how about that whole argument that leggings were not meant to be worn with a short shirt or crop top…. like I said in The Problem With Hosiery.

Let me start with a story.

One day, Bianca’s friend Estefany says, “Want to go to Seaworld? I have free tickets.”

Ofcourse Bianca doesn’t pass up on free stuff, especially a trip to Seaworld..

So she thinks strategically about what to wear to Seaworld…

What she though about while picking out what to wear:

  1. The weather; it is hot in the day and cold at night, so a tank top and shorts would be stupid.
  2. Seaworld is wet; it isn’t Desertworld.  So denim wouldn’t be smart because it takes hours to dry and they get heavy and saggy.
  3. No leather bags; water makes them stink.
  4. A sweater is necessary, but not a nice sweater.
  5. Shoes; flip flops are hazardous when the floor is wet and my toes will be cold and boots take forever to dry.

So I ended up wearing my workout pants, a blue Hollister tank, a purple hoodie, white Vans and my Charlotte Russe cross-body bag.

Belugas at Seaworld!

Shamu at Seaworld!

Delta Zeta at Seaworld!

She was having fun with the belugas and the sharks when…

Seahawks at Seaworld!

Le wild Underwear appears!

What Not to Wear To SeaWorld.

My Seahawks underwear made an appearance at Seaworld that day, I assumed that my workout pants were completely solid.  My mistake. No they were not leggings.