Fitness Friday: Weather Proof Running Jacket by Karrimor

Recently, I was introduced to a Karrimor outdoor recreation gear. As a newbie runner, novice hiker and an avid speed walking enthusiast I jumped on the opportunity to get some weather proof jackets from Sports Direct and review the products from Karrimor. Sports Direct offers something that other online fitness apparel companies do not, and that is plus size workout clothes. They have a range of different brands and styles ranging up to a size 22!  I got my running jackets in a size 16 just to be safe.

karrimor women waterproof jacket

Being from Washington exercising outdoors has always been way more exciting than boring ol’ gym equipment. Working out in San Diego is so much different it’s hard to adapt. I am constantly looking for gear that will protect me from heat, cold, rain and sun but also not encourage sweat or trap heat. Especially when I am hiking, it is nice to have a light jacket made for exercising and working out.

karrimor purple soft shell jacket

My Karrimor Sierra weatherproof shell and weather proof soft shell jacket are my latest fitness fashion obsession. While in Seattle for the holidays, I got to test the weather proof abilities of the brand. From fog to frost, sun and rain I’ve been able to workout while traveling.When it was really cold outside, I layered my soft shell jacket under the waterproof jacket and was snug as a bug in a rug. It was about 37 degrees when I took my walk and by layering the jackets it kept me warm but not hot.

**If you are planning on buying the waterproof shell, I would get it in a size smaller than you usually would. The soft shell is pretty true to size.**

Pinterest Has Added New Categories

I admit it, I am a little obsessed with Pinterest.  I have referenced it in a post at least 10 times.  It is just such a great picture sharing site and the sites that come along with the pictures can lead to some inspirational and entertaining blogs.  My new favorite Pinterest category: Corgis.  Yes, Corgis.  Not just pets, not just dogs, Corgis.Image


I know my blogging has slowed down significantly this Summer.  I am working on changing that, I am just having issues finding that inspiration and focussing on blogging on fashion. I bought 2 dresses of the same brand and style but in difference colors from Nordstrom Rack for just $5.93 each, marked down from $115 as the original price.  I will have to show them to you :)

April Trend: Detached Collars

Collars no longer just come attached to polos and dress shirts.  Designers are using the decorative aspect of the professional shirt to create a new accessory.  Detachable and in a variety of prints and colors, collars add a hint of a romantic touch to this season’s popular trends of pastels, lace and feminine silhouettes.

April Fashion Trend: Collars

Not quite sure how to wear it? Replace your necklace with a collar or, if you are daring, layer necklaces over a collar to make a real fashion statement.

Light hues paired with a plain white collar

pair a stud collar with soft materials and tones for a contrasting look.

**Beware of over accessorizing.**

Check out Bamboo Panda Love for where to buy a cute collar.

What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear

Every morning I slide my closet doors open hoping that today’s outfit will float off of the hangers and onto my unenthused body.  There is nothing like an I-have-nothing-to-wear kind of day to really ruin your entire schedule. You think it will be fine and you can just wear an old outfit you liked a lot at the time, but everyday is different and sometimes you won’t feel as pretty in that outfit as you did when you first wore it. After trying three or four outfits on, usually you hit the point of realization that you are on a schedule and need to leave or you will be late.

So how do you overcome this dilemma?

It will take some preparation, determination and a positive mindset.

What to wear when you have nothing to wear:

  1. Recycle an old outfit; I see nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit twice.  As long as it isn’t in the same week, let alone two weeks.  Let’s be real, not everyone is rich and has hundreds of dollars to spend on new clothes every other week. Just reinvent what you know.  If you wore that shirt with skinny jeans and a scarf one day, wear the shirt tucked into a skirt with a belt. Or just wear exactly what you have worn before, I doubt anyone would notice unless its your 108,900 time wearing it. In 7th grade I pretty much only wore two pairs of pants and two shirts for a whole school year… I apologize to my 7th grade class.
  2. Look for inspiration; Or maybe Pinspiration.  Polyvore, Lookbook and Pinterest are all great sites that can inspire future outfits that you can create from your own closet or inspiration items to look for when you are shopping.
  3. Have your roommate/friend dress you; he or she probably has a different style and sees your wardrobe completely differently from you. I went shopping with my friend, who has a very casual yet revealing sense of style, she picked me out an outfit that I would have never picked up myself but I was surprised at how much I liked it.
  4. Pick out your outfit the night before; saves time and effort in the morning. I did it in high school and it saved me mornings of hating my outfit when I tried it on and rummaging through my clothes to find something to wear.  It also gives you time to contemplate better combinations and how to do your hair and makeup.  Preparation is key to saving time.
  5. Make a look book; If you are bored one day, go through your clothes and take pictures of all the cute combinations your clothes can make.  This is something I have always wanted to do but have never had the time to do. When I went for my internship interview at Berkman I took pictures of possible interview looks and turned it into a post.  You don’t know how many times I have looked back at those posts to figure out what I wanted to wear to the office that day.

Just remember that your outfit will depend on what you have available, the weather and how you feel that day.  If you are feeling bloated, cramped, your pores are more visible then usual or your hair is greasier than you hoped, there is a good chance you will hate everything you put together that day.

What to wear when you have nothing to wear. I like to recycle my outfit of the day.

Be prepared, be persistent and most importantly, stay positive.