Anjolee Jewelry – The Perfect Gift to Give The In Between Girl in Your Life

Whether the in between girl in your life is your best friend, your girlfriend, your mom, your sister, your aunt, your cousin, or even just yourself, she needs to start 2014 off right with diamonds. I mean, don’t you think you’re worth it? Anjolee’s customizable diamond jewelry is top-of-the-Christmas-list worthy.

anjolee jewelry diamond hoop

My latest obsession is my classic silver diamond hoop earrings by Anjolee. These earrings are actually 16 2.3 mm cubic zirconium and snap closed so I never have to worry about pinching my ears or losing the back to my earrings. I haven’t worn hoop earrings since I was in Jr. High..back then hoops were cool and the bigger the O the cooler you were. Now that I am 22 years-old, hoop earrings kind of  have a different connotation.

anjolee silver hoop earring blog review

These silver hoop earrings are dainty and understated. I love that dainty jewelry is making a comeback. I always struggled with large statement jewelry because I felt like they were competing with my other body parts that were making a statement. Anjolee’s silver hoop earrings add sparkle to my outfit without being the center of attention, now everyone’s eyes are one me. Anjolee jewelry has a variety of customizable jewelry. Choose from diamond necklaces perfect for saying “Happy Birthday,” earrings that will dazzle on your anniversary date and wedding sets.