10 Easy, Quick Styling Tricks for Curvy Fashionistas

Yesterday, I stopped by my aunt’s house to visit some of my unofficial family (when you are Asian, non blood relatives become your aunts, uncles and cousins just by association and how much your family likes them) only to find that no one was home besides my cousin.  To make up for wasting my gas, I saved myself like 8 dollars by stealing their magazines :)

Lauren Conrad on the cover of People Style Watch

Today’s post is inspired by People Style Watch’s 50 Beauty Tricks. All of PSW’s beauty tricks are great for every and any woman.  But some of them are just stupid.  Like things no one would actually bother doing.

Pointless tips:

#11 Refresh makeup in a minute by carrying a makeup bag for mini touchups…

#3 Clean brushes the easy way with brush cleaning toilettes.  (The ones they offer in the magazine as an example are $18.50.. who would waste $20 on brush cleaning wipes when you can just make your own brush cleaner?? I have provided the tutorial to make your own brush cleaner just so you can see how stupid it would be to waste $20 on “convenient” wipes.)

Here are my 10 smart and quick styling tips for a curvy fashionista:

  1. Go for a natural waist, not an empire waist. Several fashion shows and makeover shows will say to go for an empire waist to make the waist become the focus and camouflage a tummy.  But for a curvy girl with a large chest it only emphasizes the chest, making you look even more bustier than you are.  I realized this mistake in my feminine lace dress from my OOTD post.
  2. Choose skirts that hit just 3 inches above the knee. Any shorter and you could risk looking stalky and short, an even exposing areas that harbor cellulite (ick).
  3. When wearing body-con dresses, opt for a dark hue and a pattern that visually confuses the eye and brings focus to your favorite parts of your body.  I love body-con dresses for a night out, solid colors with out a pattern, minimal detail and/or in a light or bright color will only bring emphasis to any problem areas where your curves are most curvaceous.

body-con dress done well

Body-con done not so well

  1. Do not fall for the “ankle strap trend.” Mary-jane pumps are gorgeous, timeless, classy and a fashion classic.  But know what trends your body can and can’t do.  A thick ankle strap breaks up the line of the leg and can make your legs look trunk-like if they are not toned or slender.

Ankle straps worn lower on the foot will help prevent breaking up the line of the leg

  1. Avoid wearing tunics with jeans, especially if they go past your zipper. Tunics make your legs look shorter.  I personally feel like tunics with jeans look a little jr. high so I opt for wearing tunics with leggings and cute boots.

tunics that go past your zipper on your jeans can result in making your legs look short and torso look long. Opt for wearing a tunic this long with leggings, or go for a slightly shorter tunic.

  1. Carry travel size baby powder with you.  My inner thighs chafe, so when I know I will be spending a long day walking in the heat I carry a travel-size baby powder to help ease the chafing.  Just slip away in a bathroom stall and apply.
  2. Make eyes bigger by lining them with white liner or champagne liner. My face is a bit chubby so sometimes I feel like my eyes get lost in my happy cheeks when I smile.  To make my eyes stand out I rim the outer bottom and top lash lines with white liner and I highlight my inner bottom and top lash line with a shimmer champagne liner. The liners will pick up the whites in the eyes making them appear larger.

Use white eyeliner to bring out the whites in your eyes

  1. Finish off a shower with a blast of cold water to your hair.  The cold water will seal the cuticle of the hair making it shine. Lustrous shiny hair will draw the attention up to your face.
  2. Invest in a well structured maxi dress. Avoid strapless maxi dresses if you have a large chest like I do. If you do find a solid color maxi dress, look for details like a ruffle over the chest and a detail to accentuate your waist.  The challenge in a maxi dress is avoiding looking dowdy.  Choose a fabric with weight to it and not a light cotton so you don’t have to worry about your dress being see-through.

Maxi dresses by Express

  1. Don’t be afraid of the peplum trend.  Recently I tried on a coral dress with peplums on the hips, I was nervous about it emphasizing my hips, but I realized the opposite.  The peplum if placed correctly can hide a tummy and emphasize an hour glass figure.

Peplum details can camouflage or accentuate

Fore more tips on dressing a curvy figure check out my other blog posts:

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7 thoughts on “10 Easy, Quick Styling Tricks for Curvy Fashionistas

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  2. I’m not sure that the peplum is great for everyone. Especially those of us with naturally endowed lower extremities. I feel that when women, such as myself, wear these it just makes you look even bigger, and unbalanced. Especially if our only real endowment is our hips and butt.

  3. I found your blog amazing and a breath of fresh air! You weren’t moaning about the fact your a curvy girl or that your not thin! I feel much better about myself now. And what I can and can’t wear. Thank you so much :)

  4. This is amazing since i find myself picky when trying to buy outfits i end up nothing since i get frustrated that i would look terrible now that im curvy. But all is well seeing your post abt what to wear… I love ur blog…

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