The Revolution

ABC is starting a new talk show.  Unlike The View and The Talk, the talk show will not just be people sitting around a table much as we all love that.  The revolution will be a hint of Tyra with a bit of Dr. Oz and a whole lot of Tim Gunn.

I love Tim Gunn, recently he came to Fashion Valley Mall to host a fashion show for Lucky, Kate Spade and Juicy.

Starting January 16, The Revolution team will be making over people’s lives.  Not just focussing on weight, or health but on every aspect that goes into improving a person’s physical well being, emotional well being, creating a healthy home space and fashion/style.

Join the The Revolution:

  1. Ty Pennington; home design extraodinaire.  Pennington believes changing your life often begins with changing your space and how you live in it.
  2. Tim Gunn; Style Guru.  Tim Gunn is notorious for his role on Project Runway.  He will be restyling wardrobes and helping people pick items that express who they are.
  3. Harley Pasternak; Nutrition and fitness expert.  Ensuring that America is making it count.
  4. Dr. Jennifer Ashton; Female expert.  An OB-GYN, she encourages women and men to demand the best health for themselves.
  5. Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry; Therapist.  Focussing on relationship and the importance of emotional well being will guide people to a new direction.

The Revolution on ABC