Steve Maddens to Steal My Heart

I just got paid today, and I bet you know what I have been doing since I got home from work…

It is cold, I have a headache and all I can think about doing is finding some cute shoes for a great price. ย So where do I turn to? Good ol’ Mr. Steve Madden. ย His shoes represents everything I love, the fabric, height, design and minute details that are put into each pair, steals my heart every time I hit the next button.

Some of my favorites:

Beasst;Purple Steve Madden Pump


Pammyy; Fuchsia Steve Madden Wedge

Pammyy; Blue Suede Steve Madden Wedge

Cirkus; Taupe Suede Steve Madden Bootie

Glaare; Pewter Steve Madden jeweled sandal

Wizzard; Coral Steve Madden Cork Wedge

Partyy-R; Fuchsia satin jeweled Steve Madden pump

Gaayle; Blue multi colored Steve Madden peep toe

Karisma; Blush Suede Steve Madden Bow flat

Yachtt-S; Pink Sequin Steve Madden Flat

I am in love with all of the fresh colors and solid platforms his shoes give me. The shoe is the foundation for the outfit after all. ย Why not let it speak for itself right?

**I’m currently watching the first episode of Jane by Design, kind of interesting.**


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5 thoughts on “Steve Maddens to Steal My Heart

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