A day at the San Diego Safari Park

Thanks to ScoreBig I got to barter for the price of my ticket for the San Diego Safari Park. Yes, I said barter. You know me, I’m frugal, a penny pincher and always looking to save a buck, so when I saw that ScoreBig (an event ticketing site based on location) lets you haggle the price of your ticket, I had to play!

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.10.20 PM

I got two tickets to the wild animal park for $90! Ok, so I only saved two dollars..but savings is savings. See, I was afraid they would reject my offer so I I didn’t want to haggle too low. When you enter the price you want to pay, there is a thermometer that will tell you how likely it is that they will take your price for, pretty nifty if you ask me.

san diego safari park

I had only ever been to the San Diego Safari park one other time, about 4 years ago I volunteered for the Safari Park Half Marathon with some of my Delta Zeta sisters from San Diego State University. Waking up at dawn and seeing the bats fly around as the sun starts to rise really gives the park a romantic, almost sub Saharan feel. I recommend the Safari Park over the San Diego Zoo any day. Yes, the zoo is bigger and has more animals..but what the Safari Park does that the zoo doesn’t is that it turns the entire park into an experience. Kind of like how Disneyland is an experience from the minute you enter the gate. The Safari Park is interactive, themed and does a lot to make you feel like you are entering the habitat of the terrifying Bengal Tiger.


My favorite part was after the African Tram tour, we stopped by “The watering hole” to grab a drink and a snack. The Watering Hole is situated right above the African plain under a tent, you really feel like you are hanging out in Africa sipping a cocktail.




Sunny Sundays by the Boardwalk; OOTD

In an attempt to find alternative ways to work my clothes, this tight little “frat” skirt as I used to call it is being worked into a day outfit for hanging out by the boardwalk. Thank goodness I wore my converse, because the walk was a bit brutal on my feet.

IMG_5984 IMG_6004 IMG_6009

OOTD Details

Orange Converse – Nordstrom Rack – $23

Navy blue body-con skirt – Forever21 – $5

Citrus tank top – Pink Zone – $10

Denim cut-out shirt – Forever21 – $11


Outfit total: about $49

My Little Honey Bee; OOTD

This is one of my favorite outfits incorporating pastel yellow and navy blue. I layered this yellow blouse over an old dress I forgot I had in my closet. The dress looks a bit…high school so I had to figure out a way to mature it so I didn’t feel like I was going for a shopping trip to the mall with my allowance.

IMG_5944 IMG_5930 IMG_5934

Finding new ways to layer and combine separates with dresses has been my latest challenges. Since moving to the beach, I’ve gotten so used wearing my denim shorts and flowing tank tops as I cruise down the street on my beach cruiser.. wearing a dress and pumps is so refreshing.

OOTD Details:

Nude pumps – JCpenny – $17

Breezeway Bay Melinda nude and black bag – Kate Spade – $119

Navy and white striped strapless dress – Charlotte Russe – $26

Yellow blouse – Banana Republic – $15

Navy blue floral and gold statement necklace – Sole Society – gift


Outfit total: about $177


A Fourth of July at the USA’s Golden Coast; OOTD

This 4th of July was one of the more quite but satisfying of holidays. I only just moved to the beach a few days ago and I was able to enjoy the fireworks from right outside of my apartment. I also got to witness a pretty tame Mallow out on the 4th, marshmallow fight that happens annually in San Diego.

My outfit for the 4th of July is pretty subtle, and not as red as my OOTD was last year. Considering the beach atmosphere and San Diego’s laid back appeal, I went with a simple cobalt skater skirt and a faded American flag t-shirt. Nothing fancy, just ready for a day of fun and relaxation.

Fourth of July outfit america.jpg IMG_5914.jpg


Hope you all had a splendid Fourth of July celebration

OOTD details:

White canvas shoes – Vans – $50

Cobalt skater skirt – Cotton on – $10

American flag t-shirt – Cotton On- $5


Outfit total: about $65

What do Gay Pride and Fatitude have in Common

Disclaimer: This is a thought post and you are free to express your opinion in the comments below. 

If you follow me on Tumblr, you can get to know some of the causes I support. I like to think that my blog is a place for life style acceptance, no hate and no shame. As a fat person I’ve dealt with being teased, one-liners, back handed compliments and a plethora of “internet doctors” who think they know how to help me and what’s best for me. Which is why I feel personally attacked when others shame people for their lifestyle and I can’t stand by and watch. What is worst is when I see those who have experienced the same judgement turn around and judge others. Maybe the topic isn’t the same…but the basis is still there.

You can’t stand behind your lifestyle choices and then put someone down for theirs. Wether it is smoking, doing cardio (yes now you are being judged if you don’t “lift”), being a vegan, recycling, not having a job or sleeping around, it’s no one’s concern. Now, no one is perfect and I catch myself sometimes writing/saying or thinking hateful things. But it’s a growing process. One that I hope the kids that will eventually lead the generations after us, will overcome differences in race, class, gender, weight, hair color and see we are all humans.

Why can’t we just stop judging and imposing opinions on others. I guess being fat, people can tell what my vice is just by looking at me so it’s easy to chat aloud about it. When someone is openly gay, people criticize because they can see it. If you aren’t hiding it you must be open to hearing the “truth” of how you are living in sin, or hurting your body. Their excuse for telling you is always the same.. “I just want to help”  and their reasoning for wanting to “help” you is because they think you are a bad influence or they just don’t want to see it. Your lifestyle isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

So where am I going with this? What do Gay pride and Fatitude have in common? Acceptance, humanity and decency. You may not understand it, and that’s ok but don’t judge just because you “can’t even imagine” or “have no idea how _ could live/look like that.” It will make your life a lot more bearable if you stop concerning yourself with how everyone lives their life and just try and give back to society with kindness and acceptance.

Here are some awesome internet posts where people are standing up to hate, negativity and discrimination:

Burger King’s Proud Whopper “We’re all the same on the inside”

What it means to something “Like a Girl”

Dismissing female success for superficial reasons

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 3.07.15 PM

10 honest thoughts about being loved by a skinny boy

Aerie’s body acceptance campaign “none of these photos have been retouched”


This girl takes on a fraternity website on the topic of High-waisted jeans “Do not ever ridicule someone else for it or get it in your head that they dress for you or anyone else.”


I realize that you may not agree with this post, and if you unfollow my blog..I understand. Because like this post says, everyone has their opinion and just because I feel that you should accept differences in other people doesn’t mean I am right and you are wrong. What are your thoughts on acceptance and equality? Have you experienced discrimination or judgement based on your lifestyle or size? Do share your story.

Welcome to the Vermillion City gym; OOTD

I am obsessed with my latest Pokemon T-shirt! It was a present from my boyfriend for my 23rd birthday. I think style differs from fashion in that you can truly get a sense of a person’s personality and character from it. Hence, why I love this t-shirt. It is part of the gym leader’s collection from The Shirt List. Vermillion City gym was always my favorite gym in the game. Everything from the trash cans, to the element type and the episode, so I was super excited when I opened my present.

In this outfit, I kept it as a casual T-shirt on top, skinny jeans and leopard print heels for a little bit of zazz. This OOTD is great for a casual lunch, grabbing drinks at a local dive bar or grungy pub. The possibilities with this OOTD is endless, especially since all you have to do is trade out the t-shirt.

IMG_5649 IMG_5670 pokemon gym leader shirt

OOTD Details:

Leopard-print heels – Foreign Exchange – $20

High-waisted skinny jeans – EXPRESS – $50

Vermillion City gym leader t-shirt – The Shirt List – gift

Black Rebecca Minkoff “Jules” bag, Black,One Size – Nordstrom – $400


Outfit total: about $470


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Native, Tribal and Braided Hair; OOTD

This summer, I find myself constantly in a battle with myself on what to wear. I’m so over denim shorts so I seem to be drawn to the convenience of maxi skirts. I paired this red tribal maxi with my favorite army green native skull head tank and a braid. I kind of feel like a modern every-day Indiana Jones kind of person. It could just be my imagination though :) I tied up the bottom of the skirt because it makes it easier for me to walk in. My short little legs always trip on the extra material.

I have been trying to grow my hair out so that I can get it re-layered and done afresh. That being said, the current state of my hair sticks to my neck and back in the California sun, so braiding it has been easy enough to get it off my back.

IMG_5682 IMG_5692 IMG_57200

OOTD Details:

White and brown embossed leather flip flops – American Eagle – $30

Red and black tribal-print maxi skirt – Wet Seal – $8

Army green Native skull tank – Q – $10

Teal Bralette – Foreign Exchange – $5

Black cross-body bag – gift – Sole Society


Outfit total: about $53



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