Sunday Funday in Floral; OOTD

Los Angeles knows how to treat a fashion blogger. I had a blast at the Fashion Brunch event with my girls Lisa Linh and Tanya. We got to peruse the new stuff by Sole Society, Club Kixie’s and Bri Seeley! It was my first time really in LA (not on a family trip) and we got bottomless mimosas and VIP treatment by the staff at Beso Hollywood.

fashion brunch

We had a lovely time! It probably is going to sound weird, but I’m actually able to meet more people and feel comfortable in smaller settings. I think a smaller crowd is just easier to navigate than 300 self-important bloggers in a giant hotel venue. Unlike my LuckyFabb brunch attire, I kept it classic brunch with a floral sundress and wedges.

IMG_4465 1 IMG_4484 1 IMG_4526 1

Now, I know some of you might call me out for wearing wedges with a strap. Based on the post Skinnier Ankles and Calves in 9 Steps, I’ve broken rule #1. One thing I encourage my readers to do is to break rules. I mean yes, obviously they don’t make my legs look long and svelte, but quite frankly I really like the shoes and I don’t really care. So where, advice is meant to be heard and taken into consideration, where you go to develop your style is all up to you.

OOTD Details:

Wedges – Ross – $12

Floral print sundress – Ross – $10

Yellow clutch – Ross – $16

Burberry sunglasses – Sunglass hut – gift

White and gold ring – Charming Charlie – $6

Alex and Ani bangles – Nordstrom – $28 each


Outfit total: about $100

Fitness Friday: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I have been living in San Diego for four years, and have never gone stand up paddle boarding. I remember when I was 12 I would watch Survivor and the beginning credits would cut to some contestant paddle boarding in the ocean. So after several years of longing I finally tried it.

san diego stand up paddle boarding

Most paddle boarding places make you do two and half hours for around $30. But I found this place at Mission Beach, called the Mission Beach Sports center that lets you rent paddle boarding equipment hour for $15. Perfect option for beginners.

Now, stand up paddle boarding is not a cardio sport as much as it is a weight training one, if you ask me. From the kneeling and standing on an unstable surface, this activity will challenge your muscles. I am officially obsessed with this water sport. In fact, I think I’ll go again this weekend.

LuckyFabb Brunch Attire; OOTD

Brunch is a pretty basic thing. It usually involves cocktails, sundresses and french toast. But when you are brunching with bloggers, fashion bloggers at that, it kind of ups the ante. We don’t do brunch like normal people. Sundresses are easy, but we like to have fun with our outfits so you know a LuckyFabb brunch get-together will have everything but classic sundresses.

IMG_4365 the in between girls fashion blog.jpg IMG_43691


I did shorts, but kept it feminine with lace details, cream and floral print. As you know, I am big on comfort and usually think long and hard before committing to an outfit. My LuckyFabb day-1 outfit was all elastic and peplum which allowed for maximum growth, except for my feet were aching. This outfit of the day was both comfort, breezy and totally me.

OOTD details:

Nude Steve Madden pumps – Ross – $20

Lace shorts – Forever21 – $20

Cream ruffle top – Charlotte Russe – $10

Cream floral blazer -thrifted – $5

Alex and Ani bangles – $28 each

Pink statement necklace – Forever21 – $6

Black Rebecca Minkoff “Jules” bag, Black,One Size - Nordstrom – $400


Outfit total: about $521


How to Mingle with Fashion Bloggers – A LuckyFabb Brunch Crash Course

Though really LuckyFabb was technically a one-day fashion and beauty blogger bash, the brunch is noteworthy. I mean, the real fun happens when there is a ton of food, sun dresses, bubbly and blogger goodies. The biggest “Aw moment” I had, was when I realized that there were so many like-minded people in one room.

luckyfabb brunch susu handbags

Think about it, where are you ever going to run into 300 people that have the courage to start a blog, maintain it, loves fashion and beauty, and are business-oriented? Not too many places. You can just imagine that mingling with this crowd is nothing like the groups of people you would meet in line at a Starbucks, or at your local dive bar. I learned a couple of things on how to converse with “my people.”


How to Mingle with Fashion Bloggers 101:

Roll with a stylish crew.

You know girls never go anywhere alone. Bloggers are no different. If you don’t roll with a fabulous stylish blogger girl-crew you may find yourself standing in the corner by yourself. LuckyFabb definitely had its crew of fashion-loving girls, they sit together at brunch, in sessions, during cocktail hour. I am thankful that the San Diego Style Bloggers had such a strong presence. Without them I may have been sitting in the lounge chairs all by my lonesome eating cheese doodles. Even when I was networking, I could always fall back on my girls if things started to get awkward. But not to worry, I did make some new friends!

LuckyFabbWest2014 san diego bloggers

Photo cred: 9 to 5 Dropout

Always follow your introduction with a business card.

I’m sure I am not the only one who forgets people’s names right after they say it. Especially at a fashion blogger event, we are all fashion-loving business-minded individuals, we are collecting hundreds of names and facts every day. It became standard to introduce yourself and then hand over a business card. By Sunday, I was completely out of business cards. But be warned, do not just hand out your business card like they are raffle tickets. Really work to make a connection and leave an impression, otherwise you just wasted a business card.



Fill your plate but then don’t eat it.

This probably sounds like a pro-anorexia statement, but it’s unintentional. At all of these fashion industry events, we are given tons of beautiful yummy foods to fill our plates with, and then we don’t get to eat it! It’s madness I tell you. It’s mainly because you spend so much time chatting, taking pictures, and social media-ing, that you don’t have time to eat. I find myself only getting to take a bite of a few things before I get whisked away to to talk to people, take some photos or do something else. This could also just be my unofficial ADD..

the in between girls luckyfabb brunch

Always take a photo to remember this moment.

With the bloggers and fashion people I find interesting or generally like more than the usual person I give a general “hello” to, I usually ask for a picture. Not only does it make them feel special but later on you can include it in your blog post and/or social media post. It’s a win-win.

san diego style bloggers luckyfabb

Follow up with a planned tweet/Instagram post.

Like I mentioned in the previous point. Nothing helps you to establish a friendship with a blogger quite like connecting with them on social media. Use that photo to tweet them saying “Nice to meet ___ at LuckyFabb fashion brunch.” Or if they are funny and are dropping hilarious one-liners, tweet their quote.




LuckyFabb West Day 1; OOTD

My outfit for Luckyfabb west Day 1, was professional with a bit of fashion sprinkled in it. My knowledge of conferences is that you should keep it professional since it is usually a networking and educational experience. I wanted to stand out but not in a way that made it look like I was just another fashion blogger, I wanted to be a put-together style blogger. It’s hard to stand out at events where people are putting themselves out their via self expression through outfits. In my case, I stuck to what I love, clean lines and playful structure.

1093262_10200899607972640_598758461_o 10245141_10200898157976391_588016538_o IMG_4182

I like this look because it picks up parts of my body that I usually play down, such as my hips and thighs. The peplum top hits at my natural waist which really gives emphasis to my hips. Usually I would avoid that, but paired with these skinny cream trousers it kind of helped me love the curves of my body around the areas that I am self conscious about.

The shoes were great for the first 3 hours, then once the “leather” started to stretch out it gave me blisters and really started to hurt my feet. Not a long term standing heel. But cute for just sitting around in.

Overall, Day 1 was exciting. I met a ton of new people working from all angles of the fashion and beauty industry. Everything from public relations people, bloggers, designers and web designers. You name it, they were there.

OOTD Details:

Black strappy heels – Ross – $16

Cream skinny trousers – Zara – $15

Liz Claiborne emerald peplum blouse – Buffalo Exchange – $12

Alex and Ani bangles – Nordstrom – $28 each

Gold tag bracelet – EXPRESS – $7

Black Rebecca Minkoff “Jules” bag, Black,One Size - Nordstrom – $400


Outfit total: about $478




Other looks like this one:

Zara’s Preppy Panache; OOTD


10 Things I Learned from LuckyFabb West 2014

LuckyFabb is like THE place for business-minded women in the fashion and beauty industry to come together. Twice a year, Lucky Magazine puts on this FABulous event with industry speakers and session where we can network, meet women who have smashed through the glass ceiling and hear inspirational stories.

the in between girls luckyfabb west 2014

This year, LuckyFabb west (the west coast one), was held at the SLS Beverly Hills. A cute and eclectic hipster-looking, museum type hotel. We heard from fashion industry big shots like Nichole Richie, from House of Harlow 1960, Sophia Amoruso, of Nasty Gal, Hillary Peterson, at LYST, and Coco Rocha supermodel extraordinaire. Usually, LuckyFabb East is separated into multiple sessions throughout the whole weekend. LuckyFabb West was packed all into one day.

10 Things I Learned From LuckyFabb West 2014:

It was great to hear humbling stories and success tips from industry professionals that have seen and done it all. We heard from bloggers and vloggers who still do all their own editing and content creation, fashion business owners whose visions were doubted and models that experienced discrimination and sexual harassment in the industry. It sounds to me like the industry really needs a fresh new perspective..

1. Be yourself

Do not be afraid to be you. People get caught up in the fantasy life created by social media. Post that photo with a funny face, have fun and be yourself. Your true fans and followers will be more willing to engage with you and join your community when you are being authentic and personable. You are your own niche. No one is quite like you. You are the fresh new angle on fashion. Coco Rocha’s favorite outfits include her patchwork denim bell bottoms that Eva Chen made sure to poke fun at. Nichole Richie loves fannypacks.


2. Be nice

Being nice is cool. Being the mean girl that acts like they are too cool for everyone isn’t. In fashion, it’s the nice people that are the easiest to collaborate with, the easiest to reach out to and have the best network. Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine, practices what she preaches. While most fashion industry leaders would disappear into their dressing rooms, she actually reached out to the LuckyFabb attendees mingled with us and took pictures. Definitely not something I was expecting from an Editor-in-Chief of a Conde Nast publication.


3. Take risks

If you are at a constant level of content, you are in trouble. Without risk there is no gain. If you aren’t experiencing extreme highs or extreme lows in your personal life or career, you aren’t taking enough risks. In fashion, try pieces you wouldn’t normally choose, pick up on trends that no one has discovered or blow the dust off of an old trend, embrace your likes and dislikes and don’t be afraid to be criticized.

4. Have relationships

In this day in age, we are obsessed with ourselves. We have 10 different profiles online to post selfies and photos of us with our friends, us being social, updates of where we are and who we have met. Relationships seem to have fallen by the wayside. We put so much effort into creating a life where people want to be a part of but don’t establish relationships. Take the effort to really remember names, and actually listen to what people have to say rather than just hearing them talk to respond. This is what helps build your network and make genuine friends in the fashion industry.

5. Stand by your brand

Sophia Amoruso, CEO and founder of the vintage online clothing store Nasty Gal, was approached about changing the name of her brand a few years into her success. She was strong enough to say no, and surrounded herself with workers that believe in her vision. In blogging and in personal style, you are the voice of your brand. When you present yourself to the public you are putting your brand on display, people will judge. Those people will try to have you consider other options. It is up to you to assess the moves that your brand will make and create the vision that inspires other.

6. Join networks before they’re cool

There is a time when every social media platform was unpopular and unknown. Join social networks and become THE person to follow. Coco Rocha recalls when she joined Twitter. She was one of the first supermodels on the platform so if someone on Twitter was looking to following models in the fashion industry there were only a few to choose from. Don’t wait for a social platform to pick up before you join it. Take risks (point #3!) and try out the social apps that aren’t the popular ones in the App store.

7. Define your own success

Everyone starts somewhere. In the world of fashion blogging and micro blogging, it seems like everyone has a fabulous life and everyone is being thrown products and clothes to try. Letting the success of other people’s accomplishments will discourage you from taking risks, joining networks and expressing yourself in your street style. Focus on yourself and define your own success.

8. Don’t forget your other interests

Work in your favorite shows, food, sports and books into your style and into your online presence. Peplums, pastels and crop tops are trendy, but work in your other interests. Always stand behind your brand, and be yourself and work that into your style and make use of the fashion trends. I like to add t-shirts with quirky quotes and Pokemon tops into my outfits. Not only are they conversation starters but they help build your brand by expressing yourself.

9.  Know what you are worth

Know what you are worth and don’t let people take advantage of your or your work. Coco Rocha was the speaker for in-depth conversation about industry topics that actually matter. She works with The Model Alliance to advocate the equal and ethical treatment of models. Sounds like PETA huh? But really, child models are often reduced to work like animals waking up at the week hours of the morning and into the late evening to get “the shot.” Apparently, many child and adult models can go all day without getting a break or a lunch break. Often being told that they should be grateful to be in such an industry where people do their hair and makeup and get to wear fancy clothes. Adult models often experience sexual harassment and have no one to report it due to being independent contractors. You are human, and working with a company, if they treat you like crap, walk away.

10. We are all real women

This one resonated with me the most. Being a big girl in an industry that promotes fantasy-like body proportions and sells the epitome of beauty to the world you often see many fat inspiration and curvy girl motivation posts referring to us being “real women.” If you have to put other people down to bring yourself up, you are no better than the people who put you down. In fashion, we are all real women and we have to empower and support each other. Like Sophia Amoruso said, it’s about surrounding yourself with people who share your vision and support you.


And now, a photodump of all the loveliness I got out of LuckyFabb 2014 Day 1:

Nichole Richie LuckyFabb west 2014

Nichole Ritchie talks how she got started with House of Harlow

poshmark luckyfabb

Vbanks and I at the poshmark booth

ingrid nilsen missglamorazzi luckyfabb

Grabbed a picture with Ingrid Nilsen of MissGlamorazzi. She is really petite.

luckyfabb gift suite

I had to capture the chaos in the gifting suite. Lots of pushing and shoving and very little room to breathe.

wendy's look book luckyfabb

Swiped a selfie with Wend of Wendy’s Look Book, she’s such a doll.


We made a new friend, his name is Tony aka Fabio

hillary peterson luckyfabb lyst

Photo opp with Hillary Peterson of Lyst

france luxe hair luckyfabb

La Bella Tanchi and I play with hair accessories at France Luxe hair

coco rocha luckyfabb west 2014

Eva Chen talks to Coco Rocha about the fashion industry from a model’s perspective. This was definitely THE best and most substantial talks we had the entire day.


My view when i walked through the doors of Luckyfabb


Making friendship bracelets with these lovely ladies

bianca vaccarini luckyfabb

Working that Luckyfabb backdrop like a boss


It was a full house. Didn’t get a seat :(

violet grey luckyfabb

Eva Chen, January Jones and Cassandra Grey talk about fashion in the digital age

poshmark luckyfabb blogger

La Bella Tanchi and I at the Poshmark booth

ingrid nilsen luckyfabb

Ingrid Nilsen of Missglamorazzi uses a Canon dslr!

Fitness Friday: Blogilates with Cassey Ho

Lately, work has been killing me. You would think I would want to unwind with a workout after but I realized my workout routine has been leaving me beat and waking up feeling exhausted. I literally feel like I was running a marathon in my sleep..literally (yes I used literally in that sentence twice). The past few weeks I have been skimping on gym workouts and opting for home exercise.

Working out at home is more convenient and I can hit the showers and the kitchen right after I’m done. One of my favorite home workouts is Blogilates with Cassey Ho. Ho is a genius. She put together a great video series of workouts, health videos and tips and tricks to get you excited about your own health. She is also a really smart business woman. By releasing special codes in her social profiles and newsletters you get access to all of her material which forces you to follow all of her properties. Kudos to you Ho, kudos.

Here are a just a few of my favorite videos:

Playa del Plank is definitely the hardest. I prefer her pilates/yoga mashup but she also does a HIIT pilates series too. You can take it as slow as you want or opt for a more intense version.

All of her videos are pretty short (10 minutes) so I don’t get bored and her music and voice are perfect for keeping me peppy. Her happiness is kind of inspiring and makes me enjoy doing these little workouts with her. She also offers paid services but she doesn’t skimp out on her free resources.

If you are feeling like you have exhausted the gym and are contemplating a personal trainer, maybe go for some Youtube videos instead. Personal trainers can be expensive and wouldn’t it be great to know you got into the best shape of your life all by yourself? Youtube is a great alternative for fitness inspiration, especially since its FREE!

Follow Cassey Ho at Blogilates

& Check out her blog for meal plans, meal calendars and food and snack ideas